#2 Bicupid

Active Members: (4.9 / 5)
Privacy Settings: (4.8 / 5)
Features: (4.8 / 5)
Value for Money: (4.8 / 5)
Chance of Getting a Date: (4.9 / 5)

Bisexual dating is one of the common scenarios to be observed these days all across. There are a number of bisexual dating sites where bisexual singles can meet and start dating. One such interesting platform is Bicupid. This is one of the best Australian bisexual dating sites where people can meet like-minded individuals and get started. This platform is easy to use and above all gives an opportunity to lonely individuals to have some fun. Everything that one looks for including hookups, casual dating, making fuck friends etc. is easily available on Bicupid. It is one of the most genuine bisexual dating websites where one can register and get going.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process for this bisexual dating website is extremely easy and simple. The site asks for a username or email address along with a password that can be used to each time log in. There is also a provision to log on to Bicupid.com by your Facebook profile. This provision of signing in using Facebook profile is one of the most eased out methods. Plus, by doing so one gets an opportunity to sync all the data available on Facebook. You would get an opportunity of having your date get an access to all your Facebook data as well.

Locating Potential Members

Locating potential members on Bicupid is quite an eased out affair. It is one of the best bisexual dating sites where you can easily add filters and get a list of profiles that match their preferences. There is a provision on the home page to quickly search for potential matching profiles by just adding a few filters including gender, age preference, country, area, state, province etc. By adding these filters bi couples can easily meet and locate one another within a couple of minutes. Once the filters get a long list of potential members you can easily shortlist your desired profiles and get started.

Communicating with Members

Communicating with members on Bicupid is extremely easy and convenient. Once you like a profile and the response is positive from the other side as well the chatting process can instantly begin. There are chat boxes where all the members can chat with one another at any hour of the day. Once comfortable and sure of your date, you can also exchange numbers or fix a date as per convenience. Bicupid has eased out the concept of bisexual dating in Australia to the core by the eased out communicating features.


There are a number of features that Bicupid offers to all its members that makes dating more of fun. Some of the many features that Bicupid offer to its various members are as follows:

  1. Eased out Sign-Up – You can easily sign up on Bicupid within just a few seconds. There is also a provision of signing in by your Facebook profile.
  1. Bisexual Dating Ideas – You get a number of bisexual dating ideas available on Bicupid that one can ideas from.
  1. Chatting Provision – These is a provision of chatting with one another on Bicupid on a personal chat box.
  1. Bisexual Blogs – On Bicupid you would find the largest bisexual blogs which are fun and informative to explore.
  1. Bisexual Videos – These are a number of bisexual videos that are available on Bicupid.com for all the members.
  1. Upload Pictures and Videos – There is a provision for uploading pictures and videos on the site by various members.

Cost of Subscription

Bicupid is a platform that offers dating opportunities to bisexual couples in an extremely eased out manner. The members can register on Bicupid for free and enjoy the services. There is also a subscription available that one can avail by paying a small amount. You can get the gold membership on Bicupid by paying merely USD 29.95 for thirty days, USD 19.98 for ninety days, and USD 15.99 for six months. By paying a subscription cost you can avail some of the exclusive features and facilities that would further add on to the convenience and fun of bi dating.

Privacy Policy

Bicupid is a highly safe and secure platform for bisexual dating. There are millions of profiles available on the site and the process has been continuing for many years without any inconveniences. The pictures and information uploaded by the members are highly secured by the developer’s end. The chatting data between the two members is also encrypted from end to end keeping the details of the chat highly secured and safe. Therefore, if you are looking for an extremely safe platform for bisexual dating Australia then Bicupid is the ideal most choice for you to make.

Active Members

Bicupid is a successfully running dating site where a number of bi people meet and successfully get what they desire. You can find bisexual individuals, adult males, adult females, transgenders, lesbians, gay individuals etc. available having profiles on Bicupid.com. One can put a couple of filters and hunt for a potential match within a few seconds. There are also couples who are available on the site looking for a third individual to get in for a threesome relationship. Any kind of a relationship or any particular kind of partner that you look for is readily available on Bicupid.com. Therefore, just get yourself registered on the platform and get started to fulfill all your unfulfilled desires.


Bicupid is a platform where bisexual dating gets much more eased out and convenient for all the various members. The various profiles available online are completely genuine. You can easily register on this safe and secure platform in order to look for a desirable partner. Another pro added to the list is that you can sign up on Bicupid.com with the help of your Facebook profile. This also gets all the various data of Facebook synced with your Bicupid profile. Therefore, if bisexual dating is what you want to get indulged in and are looking for a convenient platform for the same then Bicupid is the ideal most choice for you.