#4 Bisexual Passions

Active Members: (4.7 / 5)
Privacy Settings: (4.7 / 5)
Features: (4.7 / 5)
Value for Money: (4.8 / 5)
Chance of Getting a Date: (4.7 / 5)

Bisexual dating has been common for quite some time now but what gets difficult is to invest a lot of time in looking for an apt partner. In today’s busy life people doesn’t find enough time to locate like-minded people to have some fun. Therefore, as a rescue, there are a number of bisexual dating sites where you can register and get started with dating your desired individuals. There are an ample number of Australian bisexual dating sites where you can get yourself registered to meet bisexual singles. One of such renowned sites for bisexual dating in Australia is Bisexual Passions. This is one of the best bisexual dating sites which is extremely easy to use and fun to explore.

Sign-Up Process

This sign-up process for Bisexual Passions is extremely eased out and takes merely a couple of minutes. The registration process asks for a few details like username, mailing address, and password. You can make a unique choice while picking a username in order to either keep it attractive or maintain your name to be anonymous. There is also a provision for the users to sign-in via their Facebook profiles. This further makes the signing up process extremely easy and convenient. It takes just a few seconds for a user to sign in via the Facebook profile. Once the registration is done you can enter your username and password to start updating and using your profile.

How to locate Potential Members

On Bisexual Passions locating potential members is an affair of just a few minutes. In fact, having millions of active profiles you can expect to have more than hundreds of profiles matching your interests and filters. Once registered, there are ample number of profiles that get listed on your screen. You can apply further filters to get desired profiles shortlisted. There are pictures and information uploaded on the profiles which you can have a look at and make a choice. This is one of those bisexual dating websites where locating members of your choice and preferences is just a matter of a couple of minutes. Therefore, if you do not find much of time and are looking for bisexual dating then this is the apt platform for you.

How to start the Communication

Bisexual Passions is one of the best bisexual dating sites where bi people meet, communicate, and spend some good time together. The key to starting dating is an interesting conversation. Bisexual Passions allow the bi couples to converse via chat boxes that are highly secure. The bisexual couples can share messages, pictures, videos, emojis, etc. using these chat boxes. If there develops a spark amidst the two of you then numbers can be exchanged or you can even decide to have a date.


Bisexual Passions is one of the best bisexual dating sites owing to the ample of interesting features that the developers have offered for the convenience of the users. Some of such many interesting features of Bisexual Passions are as follows:

  1. Messaging – Bisexual Passions allow the members to send across instant messages and chat on a personal window.
  1. Online Members – You can view the various online members that are available to be added as a friend or to chat.
  1. Description – You can add a little paragraph as your description where you can add your preferences and details which would help you get desired matches.
  1. Groups – There are a number of groups available on Bisexual Passions where you can chat with other like-minded people.
  1. Webcam – You can chat with other members using the webcam.
  1. Secret Pictures – The users can upload images as profile pictures and mark them as secret. Once a friend request is accepted the images become visible. This also maintains the privacy of the various members and their uploaded data.
  1. User-Friendly – This site is extremely user-friendly and anyone can get accustomed to easily use it.


Bisexual Passions is a bi dating site where anyone can register for free and avail the benefits of the platform. But to own a subscription you need to pay a certain amount. One day Premium subscription costs USD 1 and one-month subscription costs USD 14.95. By paying for a subscription the users can avail various remarkable benefits which would further add on to the full of using this bisexual dating site.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Bisexual Passions is concrete. All the details of the users are kept safe and secure allowing the members to upload data without any hesitation or fear. The privacy of the details can be customized as per the desire of the user. They can themselves decide as to what needs to be kept open to all and what needs to be open just to the friends.

There is also a provision of signing in using your Facebook profile. But this doesn’t mean that all your Facebook data gets public to the network of Bisexual Passion’s network. Just the basic details of the profile are kept open to the search engines. The chat messages are end to end encrypted making your conversations absolutely personal. If ever you come across a span profile you can report the same in the help section. Immediate actions are taken under such circumstances after a detailed examination. Such profiles are also blocked from further activation.

Active Members

There are millions of profiles available on Bisexual Passions where you can hunt for an ideal match. The platform has a lot of active members including straight men, straight women, gay, lesbians, bisexual men, bisexual women etc. There are also couples who have active accounts on the platform.


All in all, Bisexual Passions is an ideal dating platform where all the bisexual individuals can find like-minded people under one single roof. To begin with you can start with a free registration and going forward you can even get a subscription to enjoy the various added benefits which would enhance your bisexual dating experience.