#5 Bisexual Scene

Active Members: (4.6 / 5)
Privacy Settings: (4.6 / 5)
Features: (4.7 / 5)
Value for Money: (4.6 / 5)
Chance of Getting a Date: (4.5 / 5)

Bisexual dating is currently one of the most popular aspects of dating. For many years people have been indulged in bisexual dating in Australia and other parts of the world. One such well-known bisexual dating website is Bisexual Scene which was established in the year 2007. On this bisexual dating site, you can find a like-minded bisexual partner and enjoy yourself having all your desires and fantasies getting fulfilled. This is one of those rare Australian bisexual dating sites where you will find millions of profiles of attractive members who would interest you to the core. Owing to this excellent bisexual dating platform bisexual dating has become an extremely eased out affair further adding on to your fun and excitement.

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process for Bisexual Scene is highly eased out and convenient. The process of registration takes a few minutes and asks for just a few basic details like age, gender, preferences etc. Post registration, you can work on your profile to mention all the necessary details and requirements such that to locate a potential member gets easy and convenient. You can set up a username and a password to log in your account every time that you desire to access your account. The design of the sign-up page is extremely user-friendly and even a nontechnical individual can easily create an account.

How to locate Potential Match

Bisexual Scene is one of those bisexual dating sites where millions of members are registered. The designing of the platform is done in such a convenient manner that bisexual singles can locate ideal matches within just a few days. In fact, there are chances of having more than a couple of matches in a few days’ time. You can add various filters like the preferred range of age and other preferences which would lead to filter that profiles and display the correct matches. Such a convenient design of the site allows one to easily locate desired profiles and connect with them.

How to start the Communication

Communication is the key to starting any successful connection. On Bisexual Scene bi people meet, converse with one another and have fun fulfilling their various fantasies. Communicating with other profile members is quite easy and convenient for the members of Bisexual Scene. There are personal chat boxes available where the bisexual couples can communicate with each other at any hour of the day. You can send across personal messages to any profile that you find interesting. In this manner, your bisexual dating can kick start.


Bisexual Scene is one of the best bisexual dating sites where there are an ample number of interesting features incorporated for the convenience of the users. These features are designed to simplify bi dating experience to the core. Some of the many such features are as follows:

  1. Easy sign-up – Signing-up on Bisexual Scene is quite an easy process and it would take merely five minutes for the entire setup.
  1. User-friendly – This platform is extremely easy to use by all its members. The designing of the site is done in a way that even the not so technical individuals can easily access the site and its various offerings.
  1. Messages – There is a provision to send across messages to other profile members which are absolutely personal and secure.
  1. Short Bio – You can add on a short informative paragraph about yourself, your preferences, and desires such that all the other members can know about you even before connecting and communicating.
  1. Upload Pictures – There is a provision for the members to upload pictures and even share them with the other profile members.
  1. Affordable subscriptions – Although the registration is free of cost you can pay a small amount of subscription price to upgrade to a Gold subscription membership. This would allow you to avail and enjoy some of the exclusive benefits. 


Bisexual Scene is one of the best bisexual dating sites where all the various members can register for free and enjoy the various offerings of this brilliant platform. This free membership would allow the members to get the standard membership. In order to enjoy some additional benefits and features, you can upgrade your profile to a Gold subscription by paying a small amount. The amount to be paid for one month’s Gold Subscription is USD 29.95 and for three month’s Gold Subscription is USD 39.99. Therefore, you can initially get the free registration done and once you get to explore the platform further you can upgrade your account to a Gold subscription.

Privacy Policy

Privacy plays an important role in the lives of all. All the various individuals who own profiles on dating platforms upload data like information, photos, videos etc. Therefore, maintaining a tight security is the requirement for all the various dating platforms. Bisexual Passions is a highly safe and secure community where the members can upload their information, pictures, videos etc. without any fear and hesitation. The members can keep only the basics of their profile visible. The chat messages that are shared between two profiles are end to end encrypted ensuring complete security and privacy. Therefore, you can be sure of the privacy of the messages that you share with the other members on the platform.

Active Members

There are millions of profiles available on Bisexual Scene to get in touch with. You will find bisexual males, bisexual females, bisexual couples, lesbians, gay, straight males, straight females etc. You can get in touch with profiles of your choice. Having various members on the platform it is more like indulging in a community of like-minded individuals. 


All in all, Bisexual Scene is one of the ideal most bisexual dating websites which is easy to use, offers a number of convenient features, and allows you to get all your fantasies fulfilled. Additionally, it is a highly safe and secure environment for all the various users where all the uploaded data by the members are kept absolutely private.