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Bi Cupid Review

Bicupid is a site that’s considered as one of the largest bisexual dating platforms worldwide, as there are over 1.9 million users in the site. Here you can find individuals of the likes Bisexual, bi-curious, singles, and bi-couples. In this site you can find members who are looking to express their sexuality, chat, hook up or even share experiences. However, the site also accommodate straight, gays, lesbians, threesome, BDSM singles and LGBT community.

The site is designed into an App available for IOS and Android users which is free to download. Desktop features are also available on the mobile phone and are easy to navigate. However, as you sign up on the site, there are two types of memberships. Free membership and Premium membership.

For free membership, you can only use the basic features such as, describing who you are, uploading your photo, what kind of match you are looking for also you can send winks to members and reply messages to paying member (premium members) and many more. For the premium membership, here you enjoy all features in the site and also you become a gold member. Here are the site pricing on the gold membership

  • 1 month : $29.95
  • 3 months : $59.85 ($19.99 per month)
  • 6 month : $95.99 ($15.9 per month)

Once in the site and after subscription, you will get most out of it because, here you will be accommodated by how members interact and it will help you realize your confusion on sexual desires and change your perspective on your character. It is a strong network of bisexuals and here you will be helped to revisit your assumptions and learn that indeed there are many people with different sexual desires all over the world and the site helps in accommodating all, for each member best interest regardless of who or what you think you are.

The site is designed in a much simpler layout and is user-friendly even to the tech-savvy. The site's design not only induces resonance, but browsing is easy and efficient.

There are unique features on the site that make it compatible and exciting to use. These are:

  • Search
  • Spark
  • Date ideas
  • Videos
  • Forums
  • First experiences
  • Blogs
  • Dating advice and safety
  • Matches

This are the basic features in the site that help individual members to enjoy the dating site environment. Let's get to know how each one works.


In this feature you can easily search for other members with the help of filters like sexual orientation, location, age and name’s etc.


This is where you view photos of members. You can also browse through the photos by swiping on quickly to help you find other members so that you can get to see your person of interest.


On this feature, the site provides date ideas for members to choose from, so that they can get to know each other better in place's (special and private) were they might be comfortable in while dating.


The feature helps members in exclusive interactions via video to express their sexual nature where individuals can send the videos to each other in an encrypt end to end transgression. Its unique and effective as privacy is guaranteed in the site.


The site also has unique bisexual member's forum, where it contains topics of any form and every member can follow while dating both online and offline. Here individuals can create topics of any nature and form discussions, thus members can express their views and share advice while still chatting and interacting with one another.


Here the members can enjoy online chats on the App were individual are entitled to personal chats with each other were their conversations are encrypted and protected from disclosure to third parties. Mostly this chats lead to long time lovers, couple or partners in the future.


In this feature, individual members express and explains his/her first bisexual relationships experiences. This kind of discussions help build trust and confidence to the new individuals in the site and also helps them understand themselves and their sexual orientation. Also helps the members to open up and talk out matter's which they would have thought they wouldn't share with anyone.


The site also has a bisexual blog feature were members send reviews and comments on the site and also the kind of experience that an individual has had on the site. However, it sets an aim of foresting’s the sense of bisexual community and lets you read all from the best writers from all over the globe and lets you get links of posts and articles on bisexuals.


In this feature, individual members can get advice, precautions and tips from experienced members in the site on dating online and offline. This helps to build a network team were each member gets to share and solve problems and to handle various situation when dating.


This feature is only available to the premium membership, where the site categories individuals with similar characteristics and makes it easy for members to find their persons of interest or members with the same character as you and most of these matches are a great fit which make the site most suitable for dating and meeting new people.

If you are looking for a partner to spend the rest of your life with, or maybe you have been in confusion on dating and socialization and on your sexual orientation abilities, then choose the bicupid site. It is the place where you will find thousands of different people whether straight, gay, bisexual or lesbians. You are guaranteed to find a perfect match and apart from this you can find new people and experiences, also learn and get advice on relationships that can eventually bring out your desired relationship intentions. Bicupid is the place to be regardless of what you think you are. Get to the site and explore more.


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