Why Bisexual Dating Sites Are Famous in USA, Canada and Australia?


The hardest thing is living in a world where no one accepts your sexual orientation. This means bisexual individuals does not have it smooth in the communities. Bisexual women and men struggle to find their perfect partners.

However, things seem different in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Bisexual dating in these regions is not as challenging as it might be in some other countries. Bisexuality is very popular in that you will find several online dating groups, dating sites helping bisexual individuals find marriages and partners.

You wonder why bisexual dating is so popular in the US and the above-mentioned countries. Here are some of the reasons.

A large number of bi-curious and bisexual people. Bi-curious is kind of a phase or state where an individual is interested in having a sexual relationship with people of similar gender. As the name suggests, these people are just curious and do not know how the experience is like. On the other hand, bisexual people are people have accepted themselves as people of having sex with other people of the same gender. Bisexuality is a sexual identity. In countries like Australia and Canada, many people have found interest in being bi-curious and mostly ending up being bisexual. This can explain the reason most bisexual individuals are found in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

  • These regions have a higher acceptance of bisexuality compared to other places in the world. Residents in these regions did not come out to condemn the behavior. Rather, society tries to accept everyone as he/she is. This means, if you tend to show some bisexual signs, you will not get help to be out of the problem, instead, you will find other people with the same problem who will truly accept you advising you not to worry about the situation. Contrary to other places, churches and other bodies would come out and condemn anything concerning bisexuality.
  • Influence and pressure from bisexual celebrities like Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, and Megan Fox have created awareness encouraging bisexual people to express themselves. For example, Lady Gaga's song "poker face" is about bisexuality. The song gained a lot of success topping charts in over 20 countries including United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Her being a popular American singer influences most of the people into accepting bisexuality through her music. The female singer has several times confirmed that she is bisexual.
  • In these regions, there are many bisexual dating sites. These sites encourage bisexuality. Interested people can also join the bisexual dating website and get their perfect partners. This simplifies the process of meeting bisexual people. The dating platforms provides a relationship to the users. Any bisexual dating site is customized to suit those with needs concerning bisexuality.
  • Government laws and policies. Residents of these regions have received support from the government concerning bisexuality. For instance, the USA government legalized the LGBT. This resulted to increase in bisexuality in the USA.

What is good about bisexual dating sites?

  • Bisexual dating websites tend to solve the hardship that single bisexuals face while finding their compatible partners. The sites made it easy to connect with people of similar situation leading to acceptance without explaining their sexual preferences. The good thing is that the sites are designed only for bisexuals. You will not struggle to find your partner since all users are like-minded.
  • Bisexual dating sites provide a platform where more people can connect. You will find many people with similar interests as yours in dating platforms than you could meet one in the real world. The dating site continuous to connect many bisexual residents in the USA and other regions to their perfect partners leading to an increase in bisexuality.
  • Advance privacy by the bisexual dating websites. One thing that most people will love before joining any platform is privacy. These dating sites will require your information to match you with someone who can satisfy your sexual needs. The sites have improved their security features ensuring user safety. With these, many people from Canada and the UK have joined these online dating sites to find their lovers. Besides, you can interact with other users without sharing your contact information.
  • Saves money and time. We are way past the days where you can waste time and money visiting fancy hotels and restaurants to meet your loving partners. With dating sites, you can communicate with people you love through options like instant messaging and emailing. Some sites have improved features allowing online calling and video chatting making your user experience even better.

Advantages of bisexual dating

It is not easy to come out and explain to people how you would prefer being bisexual to other types of relationships. Here are some of the pros that can make an individual come out with fear and talk about his/her sexual attractions. Most people from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia have no fear in expressing why they would prefer bisexual relationships.

  • A wide variety of choices. Will, you not feel amazing meeting boys and girls where you can choose whom you could have fun? You will feel like a king surrounded by different kinds of nice food that you could eat.
  • Attention. After you express yourself about you being bisexual, most people will treat you like a mystical entity that they want to explore. People view you as a veteran in this particular field and will tend to surround themselves with you to get your 'wisdom".


There is an increase in the popularity of bisexuality in the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Several reasons could be leading to this trend. A good number of people with the bisexual dating sites have found themselves into getting along with bisexuality. In the mentioned regions, meeting a bisexual partner is not hectic compared to other regions in the world.


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